Since our formation in 1980 Bromley Chain have been committed to supporting deaf and hard of hearing in the Borough of Bromley.

LINKING deaf and hard of hearing people of all ages with their hearing peers 
LINKING with relevant services and organisations to gather and share information 
FUNDING and supporting projects (individuals or groups) which meet our criteria 
VOICING the needs of our members in the London Borough of Bromley

Current Campaigns

We are pleased that Bromley is keeping the Sensory Support Service as a whole but re 'Market Testing' it's still 'watch this space' as the Council is preparing to outsource the Service as part of the Education Package. We want to see the same Service at the same standard with no dilution or fragmentation of the Service.

Social Services in Bromley for Deaf Adults and Children: We think there should be a specialist Social Worker for Deaf people. Bromley has not had a Specialist Social worker for the Deaf for 4 years. Let us know your experiences! click here