Bromley Chain Committee

We are a group of local volunteers all with an interest/background in deafness/deaf education/sign language/council protocols etc. (see individual profiles).

As a small, independent local charity (but parent of Deaf Access which was born of our vision and campaigning) we:

  1. Liaise with relevant people/organisations to share information
  2. Support local deaf individuals/groups/organisations when possible
  3. Campaign for promoting Deaf Awareness
  4. Keep an ear to the ground (pardon the pun!) for issues/innovations affecting deaf children and adults, their parents, teachers, carers and community, and Audiology for the hard-of-hearing.
  5. Keep an eye on local services to spot shortfalls and highlight areas of need/dissatisfaction.

Meetings take place, informally, about once every 6-8 weeks, from 7.30 to 9.30 pm and follow the usual format, and include items of sponsorship, concern, newsletter, events of interest, etc. Two professional sign language interpreters attend, for BSL and voice-overs.

Vacancies for new members

Are you interested in deaf issues? Learning to sign? Do you work (or pray!) alongside deaf people? Working in a nursery or school with hearing-impaired youngsters? On the fringes of the deaf community but wanting to gain more insight and confidence? Parent, grandparent, sibling or teacher of deaf child or adult?

Why not consider coming on to our friendly, informal committee? There are currently some vacancies and we only meet about 6 times a year. Two professional interpreters sign/do voice over at our meetings so there are no communication problems but a chance to absorb information in whichever form you require.

Some new blood, young blood, would be especially welcome! Please give it some thought! We especially need some valuable input from both hard of hearing/deaf people.